Back To The Roots

“Excellent! Beautiful! Rock with progressive and psychedelic elements. The band lives up to their name. Early 70s sounding for sure!” (P. R. Pennsylvania)

Rock, soft sounds, melody and atmosphere – multiply the whole thing by 2, and you have “Back To The Roots!” Since early 2014 Andrea Galluccio has been playing its dynamic old school rock, supported by talented musicians and singers. Deeply rooted in the 70s, their own compositions, pay homage with pure passion for energetic rock music as it was, at best, celebrated 40 years ago with the grunge wave. Power, in combination with passion and pointedness, is what accounts for the Band! BTTR establish dense and sovereign soundscapes, with fat riffs crashing away into spherical soundscapes.

The Bergisch-Land issue of Germany’s most read local magazine, “Coolibri“, critic in their September issue in 2015: “The 3 track EP Back To The Roots” with their own songs are so close to ‘far away’ that they almost fall out of time!” (JD – Coolibri)




Thanks to all the wonderful musicians, friends and artists who supported “Back To The Roots” and shared this beautiful musical adventure throughout the years!

  • Frank Mölders – Drums & Percussions
  • Thorsten Scheer “The Doc” – Bass
  • Gunnar Kaiser – Bass
  • Michael Huwer – Vocals
  • Paloma Castro – Vocals
  • Amiya Veynar – Vocals
  • Brenda Boykin – Vocals
  • Silvia Galluccio – Vocals
  • Marvin Dillman – Percussions/Didgeridoo
  • Shouvik Mukherjee – Sitar
  • Souvick Datta – Tabla